Danielle S. Tepper

Danielle Tepper, Photographer and Reporter.

Career Highlights

I flew over my high school in a homemade kit plane.

In 2013, I was given the opportunity to fly with a local pilot in a tiny two-seater plane he built himself over our newspaper’s coverage area to take photos of the autumn foliage. It was nerve-wracking, but exhilarating! I wrote about it for a Time Out New York blog contest— read it here.

What that says about me: I’m certainly willing to break out of my comfort zone! If it means furthering my professional experience, all the more reason to try something new.

I visited Entertainment Weekly’s midtown Manhattan office.

On Halloween in 2013, my creative re-imagining of EW’s iconic bullseye was enough to convince the editors to invite me in for an EW.com internship interview. I didn’t get it, but I was one out of eight finalists—out of over 80 applications. (I asked.) That fact, combined with being able to walk the hallowed halls of my favorite magazine, was a great consolation prize. Check out my bullseye here.

What that says about me: I tackle new projects with ingenuity and enthusiasm, creating eye-catching visuals that always put my work (and subsequently, whom I work for) one step ahead of the competition.

I interviewed a music legend.

Musicians know Martin. C.F. Martin Guitar & Co. has been building acoustic guitars since 1833 and it just so happens to be headquarted in my little PA hometown. Chris Martin, CEO, was all too willing to give as much press as possible to the company’s latest philanthropic venture— a partnership with The Nature Conservancy in an attempt to #SaveElephants by eliminating ivory from their guitar construction. View his informational video here and look for the story here.

What that says about me: I put my best foot forward when working within a topic I’m passionate about; I can advocate for what I believe in while still retaining an ethical and objective perspective.